Ägile Ässets

Ägile Ässets: The Content Management Tool for a VUCA World

Ägile Ässets

Creating Brand Value.
One Asset at a Time.

Content marketing on a next level.

The content management tool you need in a 2022 VUCA world to...


Make sure your content marketing is set up pro-level to fill your brand's vision with life and promote your macro content whenever you need it.

Avoid critical brand risk

If 2020 / 2021 has taught us, marketers, one thing that will be: Scheduling your content too far ahead might mean stumbling into a mess just because things, life, and audience preferences have changed in the meanwhile, which can easily happen within a week - or even a day.

Stay agile

about whatever comes into your brands' ways.
Having to be flexible should not mean morphing into headless chicken mode. With Ägile Ässets you got your content assets ready to shoot in an authentic playbook style.

Stay on brand

and on message, while being super agile about what you post, where, and when. Use our eagles' eyes view to ensure the overall impression builds your brand value.

the mantra of the well prepped marketer 2022:

I keep a stiff upper lip
and I shoot from the hip.


Manage your content
with the ease of a DJ*ane.

Perfectly ROI-Driven Content Marketing

For both evergreen content & unique campaigns


Where are your content assets today? Where would they be if you decided to switch your content scheduling tool? With Ägile Ässets your content is, and stays, where it should be: On your very own territory.


Go ahead, be quick to prep' some content for the next week using our intuitive drag & drop calendars and labeling system.


Social Media needs engagement, and engagement needs using the native language of your audience. Dealing with Instagram channels in several languages can become a massive bitch of nittgritty.
Not so with Ägile Ässets. Even 3 or 4 languages can be easily created and dealt with.


Enjoy the ease of using your evergreen content repeatedly, ensuring you create an excellent ROI for your content marketing initiatives.

Compose big things without getting stuck in the nittigritty

We marketers all know that, yes, creating cool campaigns can be so much fun. That’s why we love the job. Or at least it could be so fun and we would love our job again, right?

However, in the meanwhile, there is such a lot of detail involved with turning an idea into an excellent social media post or macro content, that one easily gets stuck in all that nittigritty of adding emojis, looking for hashtags, having to juggle with 5 tools at the same time.

We at OVERW8 experienced that, too, and hated it! 

That’s also why we built Ägile Ässets. So we can focus on creative quality again. Join us!


Have your content ready wherever you (and the world) are.

Communicate across markets,
cultures, channels

If you want to grow internationally, chances are you already discovered that localization makes the difference between trying vs. tapping into the market like a pro with its respective results.

Though we know how rewarding that can be, at the same time, we are no strangers to struggling with a painful working process there, either.

That’s why we built Ägile Ässets as one of our most important social media tools:

To be ready for these process efficiency challenges.
Available upon request:

RTL, Mandarin language options + "Fort Knox" version

let's chat!
Wasn't this supposed to be fun?

Let's make content marketing fun again.

Efficient micro-content creation

Use the Canva integration to get your new assets to the library quickly and easily add another language version. Map it out. Make it fun and about being creative again.

structure your story & campaigns

Map out campaigns as labels, create a rough storyline, then fill it in with the respective posts.

caption creation in the flow

In Ägile Ässets you can easily create your caption using the built-in emoji writer and the hashtag finder tool.

playful mapping of your content

Imagine on Friday you head over with some post ideas - now already available in your two main languages. Drag them around, zoom in and out to see whether all is on brand, and use one or several calendars at once for this. Tweak each calendar, so you adapt to local preferences and the best time to post. Release by easy bulk export and import.

Plus - best of all:

100% independent of your favorite social media scheduler!

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Brand Check View

Do not get lost in single social media posts. Choose to have an eagle's eye look at your overall story telling on all channels. Easily make sure that the overall look and feel is 100% on brand.

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Mapping view with filters + labels

Focus on a special social media calendar or map out several at once. Mark up with colored labels any campaigns or special dates that are coming up. Have a focused session just adding captions and/or hashtags where they are still needed so your social media posts are 'ready to shoot' whenever you need them.

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Emojis and hashtags: Add them on the go

With social media, the nittigritty tends to become the time-eating bitch. Get rid of thoses extra steps by using our built-in emoji writer as well as our hashtag finder. Social media content creation and scheduling now can happen with ease and not get in the way of your creative flow.

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Micro content creation is a time-eating bitch.


Choose your perfect plan

The social media tool package that is perfect for Single Users / Small Teams
14 days free tryout, no credit card needed. No risk at all.

€ 15 / month

  • Store unlimited micro assets
  • Labels, Campaigns & Mapping
  • User: 1
  • 1 Calendar
  • Post Variations: None
  • Canva Connection
  • “On Brand Check” View

€ 29 / month

  •  Post Variations: 2
  • Users: 3
  • 3 Calendars
  • Store unlimited micro assets
  • Labels, Campaigns & Mapping
  • Canva Connection
  • “On Brand Check” View

€ 59 / month

  • Post Variations: 4
  • Users: 5
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Store unlimited micro assets
  • Labels, Campaigns & Mapping
  • Canva Connection
  • “On Brand Check” View
Coming soon: (if you're interested,let's chat!)

Agency Solutions*

*each contains a branded subdomain


€ 99 / month

  • 3 Client / Brand Workspaces
  • Your subdomain
  • Users: 10 + guests
  • Store unlimited micro assets
  • Labels, Campaigns & Mapping
  • Unlimited Calendar
  • Post variations: 2
  • Canva Connection
  • “On Brand Check” View

Agency Whitelabel

€ 119 / month

  • Your very own branding
  • 5 Client / Brand Workspaces
  • Your subdomain
  • Users: 10 + guests
  • Store unlimited micro assets
  • Labels, Campaigns & Mapping
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Post variations: 2
  • Canva Connection
  • “On Brand Check” View

100% on your own

€ 2500 / starting at

  • On Your Server
  • Your domain
  • Your very own branding
  • X Client / Brand Workspaces
  • Independent User Management
  • Store unlimited micro assets
  • Labels, Campaigns & Mapping
  • Unlimited Calendar
  • Post variations: 2
  • Canva Connection
  • “On Brand Check” View

After all, fun with it again...

The new favorite of international marketers


Basically, yes, you can. At the moment, the download formats are optimized for the social media dashboards Social Pilot as well as for Content Studio. More are to come.

Your assets are your assets. You can download all your assets anytime and store them anywhere. That is the whole point: That your assets belong to you, whatever may come. Though, of course, we hope you love using it so much you instead consider setting up an ‘on our own servers’ version.

Oh yes, you can! Just connect it and feel free to add and create a social media post with a template, then add it to the library. Or create your new social media post in Canva before, then add it.

Nope, not at all. Though we offer a “bring it home” package that would export/import all your existing assets from a specific platform. We want to make it easy for you to decide which social media posts are timeless and shall be provided for reusing them and which can go.

Coming Up


We plan to create an app version that will enable you to add your social media ideas on the go, coming back and finishing them later. As well as adding labels and campaign ideas.


In the end, content marketing is a numbers game. A certain number of evergreen posts around your main topics is needed to gain traction. So we will a) give you several micro assets / social media posts that you should aim for and b) give you insights and motivation for getting there.


What if... in this VUCA world, whenever you map out your social media content, it would give you wise hints and tips on what your audience cares about this week? That would be amazing, right? Yeah, we agree and put it on the agenda.