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The Agile Social Media Management Solution for Professionals: Now special Agency Packages available!

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the same ägile goodness plus much more


+ Client Spaces

The agency solution of Ägile Ässets contains all the functionalities you already know and love, PLUS clients spaces. Like this, you can go into 'god mode' and neatly create and manage your clients' and their content assets in dedicated work spaces.


+ Whitelabel [asap]

We know that 'out there', there is a lot of pressure to differentiate you and your agency's work from others. Therefore - as an extra upgrade - we will provide you with a Whitelabel version that will allow you to display and promote your own brand.


+ Release Process [by August]

Already now, you can choose a time period and calendar to download and share the mapped content with your clients. This is ok for not too heavy use, but for the Ägency Pro Solution we will provide you with a sleek and agile (well, of course ;)) process that will allow you and your clients to review and release posts / campaigns asychronously i.e. whenever you find the time. Also, released posts will be logged as such and assure your documentation is safe and clean.


+ Brand Value Reports [mid term]

You might know, that for now, we focus on enabling an efficient post + campaign creation processes. We intend to enable you to report progress to your clients, however, as with the posting process, we have a different take in mind. It is less about vanity KPIs but about brand equity and reduced risks. Stay tuned, we'll make sure as a user, your agency will be first to know and use.

'cos complexity kills execution

cut through the complexity of social media management

gamechanger mode: On

the more complex your social media business is, the more difference it will make.


Lots of brands + clients

The more creative and/or entrepreneurial and/or bigger your clients are, the higher the chances they will want you to manage not just one, but several or even all their brands.
With Ägile Ässets, you can set up several brand calendars for your clients, have all their assets neatly stored, also for repurposing, and can easily turn their content strategies into execution.

You can also use one client space to become your own "client" and handle your own social media and channels efficiently from there.


Lots of Channels

In times of 'omnnichannel' expectations from customers and clients, we can try to narrow down and focus, but chances are there will be more than just Instagram, just Linkedin.

Which tool will be agnostic enough to allow for the B2B as B2C as well? (Hint: You've come to the right place, do not let a tool limit your business opportunities).


Several Localities

Even though internationalization is on the forerun, trust is created in the native language of buyers. Over 40% of consumers say they will not buy in another language than their own.

This is a clear message for quality localization.

Now you can confidently suggest taking care of that for your clients: Our post variations and calendar mapping rules allow for you to stay on top of things.


24/7 on top of things

Things change quickly at the same time you need to be prepared.

Which tool allows you to do that and eased adaptation throughout a campaign flight, week or day without causing too much hustle? Off-sentiment posts can easily cause massive brand risk.

We recommend having 70-75% of posts ready to be published while allowing for the rest for spontaneous flexibility. Like this you can balance bulk creation vs. trending topics like a pro.

Built with you in mind

The Only Social Media Management Pro Tool Built by an Agency as Yours

Ägile Ässets is the brainchild of OVERW8, a brand-building agency for startups. The team loved doing social media for their clients (for the challenge and the creativity) and hated it (for the process and the lack of tools).

So they built Ägile Ässets. After 2 years of using it themselves, they are now happy to provide it to all of you marketers, too.

Enjoy a minimum of 30% reduction in process costs.

Meet Your Ägile Time Saver

Like you, we track time. A lot. It shows this: With ÄÄ, we save at least 30% of time.

As agency owners we have a painful awareness of the process cost in the background.

Time Invest for Setting up an International Social Media Campaign

(A typical average LOW complexity case)

Access the sheet via this link, make a copy and play around with your own use case to see how this will play out. Feel free to share with your clients to give them real-life input. 😉

"A completely fresh take on Social media"

Give your social media management workflow a serious refresh now!​​

available now

sharing with you the features we've enjoyed for 2 years in our agency

Seamless turn Strategy to Tactics

Make the content and social media strategies you created for your clients actionable with just a few clicks, add campaigns and content pillars. Give your creative team a structured place to get started from, start with rough ideas, fill in over time.

Map, draft, play

Ägile Ässets is the only solution that allows you to just play with it, mapping the posts first, moving them around with an intuitive dragging and dopping functionality till you like how the brand story unfolds. Feel free to 'shoot from the hip' while staying on top of the story.

On-brand view

Consistency in the brand narrative is important, this view allows you to zoom out and view from afar if the story unfolds the way it had been intended in the strategy. Any need for recalibration will be detected quickly and can be adapted smoothly.

Endless time saving tweaks

At OVERW8, the agency where Ägile Ässets was 'grown', we love process tweaks! Which is why we have built them in generously, already now and will continue doing so. Enjoy: Add emojis on the go, bulk upload story lines and posts, bulk upload campaigns, language versions, get hashtag suggestions per country, ....

Store independently

Where are your /your client's posts if you or they 'leave' the tool you are using now? Or if your instagram channels gets shut? Or... The posts you created are valuable assets and they should and will be treated as such. They for sure will in Ägile Ässets. You can order a complete export anytime and stay nicely independent. Ah - the sweet smell of freedom! 😉

Reuse, remix, enhance ROI

Efficiency is only to be had if a certain amount in your mix are posts that can be reshared. Do this with elegant ease via our Remix suggestions or simply via the search for a certain topic.


Marketers around the globe already use and love it


Agencies and Solopreneurs

have tried / 150+ use it already now.



around the globe. And also: Across all continents.



Some of them small, some big, all of them the workplace of amazing agile marketers.



Most use the tool in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. We have had requests to build in Mandarin, RTL and Russian and will do so once we have investment (help us!)



Some manage one brand intensely, most manage a handful, others manage with ease 5-8 or more.

at least, not the work flow 😉

nothing should get in the way of your agency's ambitions.

Serve your clients in an agile and creative way

Think ahead for your clients

Make sure your content marketing is set up on pro-level to fill your client's brand vision with life and promote their content whenever you need it.​

Avoid Critical Brand Risk

Those last years have taught us marketers that scheduling you content too far ahead might mean stumbling into a mess because things, life and audience preferences can change literally overnight. No problem once you've set things up in Ägile Ässets - you can even get rid of a whole calendar of posts without losing the posts!

Agile instead of frustrated

...about whatever comes into your brands’ ways. Client wants to move things around? No problem at all! Having to be flexible should not mean morphing into headless chicken mode. Show your clients how cool you can play it and differentiate your agency vs. other players.

Repurpose for ROI

Repurpose the heck out of things. Search the captions, by your very own tag and label structure or get re-inspired on on-brand view. Create once, distribute forever. 😉

Ensure Brand Value

and staying consistently "on message", while being super agile about what you post, where, and when. Use our eagle's eyes view to ensure the overall impression builds your brand value.

#AI as cherry on the cake

Because it was built by marketers such as us for marketers like you, this high-quality post creation assistant is a bit different than others. Our CEO Kristin Reinbach has successfully briefed people for more than 20 years… and this experience is directly built into an extra layer of it.

Join a global community

Feedback that makes us wanna dance:

Ägile Ässets Makes Social Media Scheduling a Breeze. I've been through the wringer with social media scheduling software, and Ägile Ässets is a breath of fresh air. [...] The real game-changer for me is the scheduling flexibility. [..] I can't recommend Ägile Ässets enough. It's a powerful, user-friendly platform that makes social media scheduling a breeze. Plus, the top-notch customer support is the icing on the cake!
Oklahoma, U.S.
[This tool] Got me unstuck! I am SO PLEASED!! I was up and running with a workshop campaign that same evening. Love the dashboard, large visuals, the calendar planning and scheduling. Ägile Ässets made it so easy to connect with Canva and create or import my own images. The learning curve has been minimal, just like their interface.
Saint-Jean de Matha, Kanada
Suuuper grateful for the app! Finally an app where I can connect all my socials, have an overview of all of them all at once, and plan for it all together. The tech is easy to understand (plus I love a good design, and I feel like the app is just so aesthetically pleasing that it's a pleasure to work in), and the team support is really really good. It is exactly the tool I needed.
Quinns Rock, Australia
What I was always missing in the training courses on the subject was a tool for efficient and effective content planning. It was tedious for me to use the various platforms individually. This has changed with ÄÄ: one post, spread across many channels. Planning via the various calendars is great. The tool is really intuitive to use. [...] I'm delighted, the tool is a real help to me!
Cologne, Germany
After all a social media management tool created by marketers - allows for the flexibility we need! Handling social media for our academy is a fun job, but it can get incredibly complex once you want to think more about 'omni channel' and 'be where your customers are'. That is why we love having found Ägile Ässets.
Elearning Marketer
Toulon, France
AA is a beast in how it helps make content idea comes together and scheduling at when due. I love it!
Lagos, Nigeria
I have used so many marketing softwares in the past, but yours clearly is differentiated by your creative tone, voice and brand archetype, very interesting and well done.
Cape Town, South Africa

Grow your agency without unnecessary growing pains.

Even though still an amazing business opportunity and great area to work in, the agency business is heavily under pressure. Under pressure to innovate, to differentiate, to enable clients. Our tool may not be the ‘cure-it-all’, but it can help you handle these challenges in an ‘on top of things’ way. Even better, it enables you to offer solutions for more complex use cases and even full-blown international setups. #opportunitiesgalore


The whole setup of the tool breathes process effiiciency through and through.
Efficiency gains of 30% are absolutely within range, it can easily be more.
Use this to buffer your profit margins and enable feasibility.

Creative Quality

Less overload, more agility translates into more energy for the part of our work that really makes the difference: Creative quality. Combine that with the enabled consistency and you and your clients are on an excellent path.


Already now, this is the tool that enbles you to offer multi-language / multi-culture campaigns like no other, to get from strategy to quality results in a much shorter amount of time, be flexible whenever the market calls for it. Whitelabel und the Supersleek Post Release Process will even enhance that soon.


Last, but not least, we had started building this tool because a content manager working with us commented "this process is a pain in the a**". She was right. In contrast, an enjoyable work process ensures we dont' suddenly hate the work we actually love. The work that was the 'why' we started our agencies in the first place. Enjoy! #startwithwhy

for you, dear ägencies


Not exactly what you need or already more in world domination mode? 😉 More extensive packages are also available; ask for a custom offering

Did we mention the extra ease we built in?

Canva Direct Create + Import

"Our creative process shall be as seamless and unhindered by BS as possible" said our CEO Kristin and one of the main tweaks is this. Create a post directly in Canva and import it or have it prepped and import it. Sleeeeeek!

Quality AI Post Creator

Everyone is looking into process optimization, as we come in from brand building we need to make sure it works with quality. Have yourself positively surprised by MägicEd and his 'on brand' caption writing capabilities. GPT4 based, of course (the good stuff).

Free Image Galleries

When you create a post, use Mägic Ed and have him suggest matching pictures for your topic. You can either set them as placeholders and replace custom or keep them and use it for free. Clever!


Agency Packages Beta: FAQ

It includes the Cosmopolitan Package with all that is included there, plus:

  • “god mode” / client management 
  • Post release process as soon as available
  • The possibility to upgrade to Whitelabel seemlessly. 

The package will be ‘for free’ for selected agencies from now till the post release process is live + another 2 weeks. After that it will be switched into the agency package you chose (for example for the CityLife+ package at 499 € / month plus VAT where applicable).

At the moment you can set posts to automatically publish to:

  • Instagram (Post, Reels, Stories)
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • GoogleMyBusiness
  • X, formerly Twitter
  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube


We intend to get as complete as possible.

Nope, and believe us when we say: It’s better for it.
It is impossible (and unnecessary) to double up all the functionalities you might find in a platform, it would make the application very heavy also and not agile anymore at all.

The package will be ‘for free’ from now till the release process is released + another 2 weeks. After that it will be at 499 € / month (plus VAT where applicable).

No, you don’t. We will ask you to add this once the beta officially is entering its countdown period of 14 days after the post release is live.

What we ask you to do, is to provide us with real names, also for your company and please check out and adhere to the house rules

Very much so. You can decide and setup calendars for example per brand, per brand and channel. You can set up post variations for languages and/or channels and have them ‘map’ to the matching calendars. You can also set up your own tags and labels. Overall it is a bit like in Evernote, just for Social Media.

Any other questions? Happy to help!

get more leverage now

Ägile Ässets is great for building brands on Social Media with consistency and therefore great for agency business.