Lessons in Applied Agility

our journey + how we deal with our roadmap

what happened so far

New stability enhancing testing system created and active now

So, some weeks ago, we were a bit annoyed ourselves...

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Why Social Media has become so important to brand building in 2024

Social Media has become so important – why? Because such...

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What else needs to be added?

Obviously, this is just a start and informed by first learnings since our go live in June 2023. There will be more and/or better. We love working in this together with you, so if you have relevant insights or ideas on how to make this a safe and productive environment, drop us a message.

This might be good to know

how we approach the Ägile Ässets product roadmap

We often get asked "is this or that already on your roadmap?" "Is there a public roadmap somewhere?". We have decided not to put the roadmap public (see right side here).

Sometimes there is stuff that just adds glam, sometimes we need to make sure we're not just adding to the complexity with a lot of shiny things.

Our main questions to ask will always be: Will this reduce complexity, will this make the work process easier, will this enable agility, help with brand building.

Ägile Ässets is and will be built by brand builders for brand builders, so you can expect this to translate into roadmap prioritiey.

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deliver, don't promise

Some people wonder why we don’t publish what we will do next. The reason is simply: It might change on the way. Also, we like to keep our promises. 

So we rather deliver than promise.

shortest ttc

We filter relentlessly what needs to be done next and then.. get it done. If it’s a bug that concerns the main features, that might mean we go in fireman mode and just head out and fix it. 

Done and done.

balance effort/effect

You know that Grappa you get at the Italian restaurant? It’s great as a guest and it’s a small invest for the restaurant. 

Small tweaks that make everyone happy will always come first.

not just what most want

Still, we want to make sure we don’t just tweak around. There’s more. Much more. 

We and our CEO know a thing or two about innovation and the thing is: doing what most people want is not necessarily what will create the best product.

 Let us surprise you time by time. 🙂

exciting stuff!

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