A good party needs some rules

check them out

This might be good to know

This is a place to build new things and be creative.

Ägile Ässets is a software, yes, but most of all it wants be one of the tools and even more environments where the creativity and strive for excellence involved in brand building are truly appreciated. We know the complexity and challenge of your task and we've come here to enable you having more fun with it again.

Play nice.

Help others.

Assume good intentions.

Have fun being agile.

Nope, this is not ok.

Some might not be right on this party.

There are some details, yes, but overall the main idea is:

This is a place where humans interact with each other like civilized humans. 

This might be ‘the web’ and code etc., and somehow lots of weird stuff has become to be considered normal. At Ägile Ässets, we don’t buy into that. While code and web might seemingly create distance, we are acutely aware that after all we are humans doing business, creating things together. 

Anyone contributing to this is very welcome, anyone damaging this will need to go somewhere else.

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We say "no" to

Abusive Behaviour

Good software needs good support and service and we strive to provide that. We will not have anyone belittling our support or any other personnel and take the liberty of restricting access of anyone who tries doing so.

If this mark is overstepped, there will be one polite warning and then a cut off.

Industries damaging others

If you should be up to promoting any 'business' that is harmful to other human beings, be aware that we will not tolerate that kind of content on our servers.

Though obviously we can't do due diligence for everyone, we inform you this is forbidden, plus we will take random audits and will feel free to remove your account from our systems.

other than that:

stay agile and have fun building brands.

What else needs to be added?

Obviously, this is just a start and informed by first learnings since our go live in June 2023. There will be more and/or better. We love working in this together with you, so if you have relevant insights or ideas on how to make this a safe and productive environment, drop us a message.