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Scratching our own itch

Ägile Ässets has been built in a ‘scratch your own itch’ mode by the digital brand agency OVERW8.

We realized the whole process of turning macro content (such as blog posts, e-books) into micro-content (for social media) for two languages, maybe several clients, mapping it out, readjusting etc. was just a pain in the a**.

We have been working with it for over 2 years now and are happy to share it with you now. 

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Our Vision

Brands need quality communication across channels to build trust and doing so has become increasingly complex. We intend to be the best "partners in crime" for all of those building a brand (or more than one) around the globe.

Our Mission

We will always build towards making your life easier, enable 'world domination' for your brands and if anyhow possible make sure the fun of creating gets enough space, again.

Our Process

Ägile Ässets is and will be built by marketers for marketers. Our head of development has more insight into customer journey than lots of proclaimed marketers do. We're in close dialogue with our dear agile users and are happiest if you tell us how much this enables you.

We love turning ideas into reality.

It all started at the Digital Brand Agency OVERW8 where we worked together on realizing client’s vision. During the pandemic we started working on Ägile Ässets. 

Then we used it ourselves and since last summer it is available for you, too.

We've done so for 5 years now.

Kristin Reinbach

Brand Architect.

Mahmud Elgohary

Tech Builder and Problem Solver.

Some stuff we are proud of

We made it so far.

From our work at o8 agency we know up front that it takes a lot to get from idea to reality and market! While we can't wait to achieve even more, we're aware that this is itself an achievement.

It is sooo global.

We love to see you folks come in from literally everywhere! From the U.SD., from Malaysia, from Australia, South Africa. You do amazing things based on Ägile Ässets and we love to see this makes you successful. Thanks for playing with us! 🙂

We are agile and enjoy it.

We listen closely to what comes up and what you need to be really effective in your work building a brand via social media.

Sometimes we decide to build in some tweak just to push it live only 48 hours later.

We created Mägic Ed.

Mägic Ed is a great AI-based helper when it comes to create on-brand captions and even find pictures. He is available 24/7, built on quality all over and saves you roughly 30% time at least.

What if a brand agency started to build a tool like this?

Our background is a brand building agency for startups called OVERW8. We loved doing social media for their clients (for the challenge and the creativity) and hated it (for the process and the lack of tools).

So we built Ägile Ässets. After 2 years of using it ourselves, we are now happy to provide it to all of you marketers and brand builders, too.

We have a different perspective on social media, so we do things differently. Once you’ve started working with it, you will quickly notice the difference.​

The only Social Media Management Pro Tool built by Marketers for Marketers.

Hello Ägile Marketers around the Globe!


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Our Tech Stack

Vision First

It all starts with a very clear idea of what we want to achieve. Our CEO Kristin lives and breathes customer centricity and we use an array of clever methods and tools to make sure we have a plan before we design and code.

The Code

We like to keep things flexible, elegant and agile. So Ägile Ässets is built on the principals of Functional Programming / Loitering Cron plus a PHP - Custom Framework.

Server Base

For some things the quality solution might be just around the corner. For our code etc. it lies at our reliable partner All-Inkl. in Germany.

Asset Content Bank

Being able to use, reuse, access independently stored assets is super important. We have chosen AWS to help with that.

User Interface

We want to be quick and agile so we use Figma to ensure a seamless process between product vision, design and code.

Shop System

Should you want to change your package, buy more tokens etc., this will be provided on good ol' beloved open source solution WordPress / WooCommerce.

Did you know?

We are bootstrapped.

We managed to get this far with very limited resources. Excellent project management and problem solving skills made that possible. Lots of people are asking for more – and we’re ready to take that ask on. That is also why…

We're inviting seed investors now.

Some interesting learnings so far...

Software is less about the Code, than it is a Service business.

Code for us is the molding mass to help our users and us to achieve the results we have in mind. It is critical that it works, is stable and easy to adapt, but more than that it is still about humans on both sides. We see ourselves as real companions rather than 'support' and often simply have fun together with you - getthing things done and brands built.

Global IS global

... as in: the new user from India does not care whether we are on christmas holidays. He/she would probably not even guess there is something else going on... Different cultures have different ways of approaching things and we continue learning about it and adapting to it.

Antifragile is the way to go

For example: This page here had to be rebuilt this month. We needed to make sure it helps us grow vs. blocking us from it. We rebuilt it in a way that enables us now to be really flexible and more antifragile (yep, we are Taleb fans).

Brand rules the world.

Starting out we could not really spend much budget at first, however, we could use our own branding skills - and those helped us to bridge the gap. So, for all of you trying to solve the hen/egg question between brand/sales: Start building that brand, it will help with your sales.

The Future is calling... (what's next)


What if... in this VUCA world, whenever you map out your social media content, it would give you wise hints and tips on what your audience cares about this week? That would be amazing, right? Yeah, we agree and put it on the agenda.


In the end, content marketing is a numbers game. A certain number of evergreen posts around your main topics is needed to gain traction. So we will a) give you several micro assets / social media posts that you should aim for and b) give you insights and motivation for getting there.


We plan to create an app version that will enable you to add your social media ideas on the go, coming back and finishing them later. As well as adding labels and campaign ideas.

Ägile Ässets will be the best possible partner for global brand builders, creating a high-quality ecosystem from ideation till revenue. ​