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“A Multi-Brand Social Media Managers Dream Come True!”​

Lots of marketers say it is great – but is it for you?


roughly speaking

If you use social media with the purpose of consistently building a brand, or several ones, there is a good chance you will find it useful.​


Several Channels

In times of 'omnnichannel' expectations from customers and clients, we can try to narrow down and focus, but chances are there will be more than just Instagram, just Linkedin.

Which tool will be agnostic enough to allow for the B2B as B2C as well?


Several brands

Entrepreneurs are creative, if they build one brand, the idea for another pops up. If there is the opportunity in the market, why not? But it proved quickly to be pretty difficult and hard to handle for their teams.


Several Localities

Even though internationalization is on the forerun, trust is created in the native language of buyers. Over 65% say they will only buy in their own language.

This is a clear message for quality localization.


24/7 on top of things

Things change quickly at the same time you need to be prepared. Which tool allows you to do that and eased adaptation throughout a campaign flight, week or day without causing too much hustle? Off-sentiment posts can easily cause massive brand risk.

I can honestly say this tool saved me and our extended team a lot of headaches and late hours.
Kristin Reinbach
CEO OVERW8 Digital Brand Agency, Founder ÄgileÄssets

The more complexity you have to handle, the more it will free up brain power, time and space for creativity.

How much time do you have to invest to set up a social media campaign?

(A typical average LOW complexity case)

the more complexity your social media management has, the more difference it will make.

All the nitti-gritty adds up big time.
and eats away from quality brand buiding.

Publicly available now

sharing with you: the features we've enjoyed for 2 years in our agency

Set up Pillars + Campaigns
Ensure strategy execution, break down and play with pillars and campaigns.
Agile Calendar Mapping incl. Variety Mapping
Enjoy intuitive dragging and dropping, also for several language / channel versions. Adapt the schedule in the wink of an eye.
Bulk Add Posts & Campaigns
Go in Ninja mode mapping it out in a CSV - or add intuitively to the timeline.
Stay "On Brand" with eagle's eye view
Take out the guess work how the overall storyline plays out, zoom in and out, also across brands.
Handle several language versions
Create and store parallel language versions including layout versions. Map parallel language versions to dedicated calendars.
Autopublish to B2C + B2B Channels
Set and go for channels from Instagram over Linkedin to GooglemyBusiness. Have that coffee break while it all goes posted neatly.
Store posts indendently
Your content is your content. Ägile Ässets is also called that way because your posts = assets deserve to be treated that way. Search and pick from your content library to reuse. Ask for export in CSV format anytime.
Enhance ROI by Easy Repurposing
Create once, share forever. Use the "remix" search to find stuff that wasn't shared for a while and leverage the effort put into creating it.
Enjoy many clever process tweaks.
Download/upload with new translations, add emojis on the go, get hashtags suggestions... We are process maniacs and will add more like that. More brand building, less nittigritty.

Now you can be as agile and creative as you want and need to:

Think ahead

Make sure your content marketing is set up on pro-level to fill your brand's vision with life and promote your content whenever you need it.

Avoid critical brand risk

Trust is so hard to build, so easy to be destroyed. Scheduling content too far ahead might mean stumbling into a mess because things, life and audience preferences can change literally overnight.

Stay agile

...about whatever comes into your brands’ ways. Having to be flexible should not mean morphing into headless chicken mode. With Ägile Assets you got your content assets ready to shoot, all mapped out in an authentic playbook style.

Stay on brand

and on message, while being super agile about what you post, where, and when. Use our eagles' eyes view to ensure the overall impression builds your brand value.

come on in

Join a cool crowd of agile brand builders

Ägile Ässets became publicly available last summer and since then lots of agile markters have started using it like this:


South Africa






United States








Agencies and Solopreneurs

have tried / 100+ use it already now.



around the globe. And also: Across all continents.



Some of them small, some big, all of them workplace of amazing agile marketers.



Most use the tool in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese. We have had requests to build in Mandarin, RTL and Russian and will do so once we have investment (help us!)



Some manage one brand intensely, most manage a handful, others manage with ease 5-8 or more.

Plus: New Support built in

Welcome Mägic Ed

check out the channels you can auto-publish to:​

These people already enjoy more agility:

I want to say I am extremely impressed with your product, [...] this has been the best product for what I have been looking for so-far. Your support is also top notch.
United States
A Multi-Brand SMMA's Dream Come True! I have literally not posted for almost TWO years due to the VERY problem this software has fixed! I've become more granular about my SM strategy focusing on Pillars (kinda just learned what that meant), Campaigns, Giving Value, Posting Sale Products, etc and I was just STUCK at knowing where to start because I needed to be able to visualize, move stuff around and think it through.
United States
I've been working with ÄÄ for a few months now and I have to say that it takes an incredible amount of work off my hands. I understood everything within a few minutes. It's sooo great that I can connect Canva. To design an asset for a post. I also have to emphasize: I can easily collect my posts and drag and drop them to an appropriate tag to publish them. Everything works quickly and intuitively and I can link many channels. I would definitely recommend it!
Tired of struggling with juggling multiple brands, dealing with various channels, and working across languages for content marketing? Get the hassle-free edge you need to move forward faster—welcome Ägile Assets! This amazing tool enables simple creation and management of digital assets. Keep track of all your posts no matter how many versions or platforms exist. With features like direct sharing on social media networks as well as emojis and remixing tools, there's something here everyone will find helpful. Plus it can even be used in the event that bans or disruptions occur so nothing holds you back from success. Empower yourself by using innovative system to unleash the creative potential within!
Multiple Brands and Multiple Social Media Management is Super Sweet with Agile Assets I have been using Agile Assets to create, manage and schedule contents on 3 brands across multiple social media platforms for over a month now. Agile Assets has been a darling and an awesome partner in making my work super easy and effective.


At the moment you can set posts to automatically publish to:

  • Instagram (Post, Reels, Stories)
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • GoogleMyBusiness
  • X, formerly Twitter
  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube

We intend to get as complete as possible.

Nope, and it’s better for it. It is impossible (and unnecessary) to double up all the functionalities you might find in a platform, it would make the application very heavy also and not agile at all.

Oh yes, you can and we recommend that you totally should. Canva is THE great tool to create creatives for your brand. You can import all the standard formats including (!) prepared reels. We love it and are sure you will, too.

Very much so. You can decide and setup calendars for example per brand, per brand and channel. You can set up post variations for languages and/or channels and have them ‘map’ to the matching calendars. You can also set up your own tags and labels. Overall a bit like in Evernote, just for Social Media.