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Invest now in The Social Media Management SAAS tailored towards the needs of International Brand Builders.

the market

Social Media SAAS

Is just where we want it to be:

  • existing,
  • relevant and
  • now ready to take off.

We’ve built a globally relevant product for this and are now inviting investors for our seed round.

Source: GMI Insights / Social Media Management Market Size
what you should know

Social Media on a Pro Level is a Process Cost Problem.


"Discovery" moved to social media

In times of 'omnnichannel' expectations from customers and clients, we can try to narrow down and focus, but chances are there will be more than just Instagram, just Linkedin.

Which tool will be agnostic enough to allow for the B2B as B2C as well?


Social Media is where brand trust is built.

In a world in which your customer journey consists of several contact points that often are represented by social media, this has become a major and systematic way to build a brand, trust and therefore revenue.


Social media is getting closer to e-commerce, day by day

Even though internationalization is on the forerun, trust is created in the native language of buyers.

Over 65% say they will only buy in their own language. For e-commerce this is a clear message for quality (!) localization. Communication only in English leaves too much money on the table.


And it has become f*** complex.

Things change quickly, at the same time marketers need to be prepared. Which tool allows you to do that and eased adaptation throughout a campaign flight, week or day without causing too much hustle? Off-sentiment posts can easily cause massive brand risk. Only marketing strategies that are executed deliver the aimed for results.


The (brutal) reality of creating an international social media campaign.

How much time do you have to invest to set up a social media campaign? (a typical average LOW complexity case)

This spells a massive problem for social media managers and agencies.

Either in time, money, quality, or a combination of those.

Big problem => big opportunity.
Why would we know that? Because we ran into it ourselves in our work as a brand agency.
Kristin Reinbach
CEO OVERW8 Digital Brand Agency, Founder ÄgileÄssets

The Ägile Time Saver

We track time, so we’ve learned:

Our users (and we) enjoy a minimum of 30% reduction in process costs.

Process efficiency re-introduced

Social Media Marketing can have an efficient and quality enabling process. Again.

ask the right questions

What if a brand agency started to build a tool like this?

Our background is a brand building agency for startups. We loved and hated doing social media for our clients.

So we built Ägile Ässets.

We've used it for over 2 years now.

As we have a different perspective on social media, therefore we do things differently.

you get a great answer

The only Social Media Management Pro Tool built by Marketers for Marketers.


They love ÄÄ for all the right reasons.

I want to say I am extremely impressed with your product, [...] this has been the best product for what I have been looking for so-far. Your support is also top notch.
United States
A Multi-Brand SMMA's Dream Come True! I have literally not posted for almost TWO years due to the VERY problem this software has fixed! I've become more granular about my SM strategy focusing on Pillars (kinda just learned what that meant), Campaigns, Giving Value, Posting Sale Products, etc and I was just STUCK at knowing where to start because I needed to be able to visualize, move stuff around and think it through.
United States
I've been working with ÄÄ for a few months now and I have to say that it takes an incredible amount of work off my hands. I understood everything within a few minutes. It's sooo great that I can connect Canva. To design an asset for a post. I also have to emphasize: I can easily collect my posts and drag and drop them to an appropriate tag to publish them. Everything works quickly and intuitively and I can link many channels. I would definitely recommend it!
Tired of struggling with juggling multiple brands, dealing with various channels, and working across languages for content marketing? Get the hassle-free edge you need to move forward faster—welcome Ägile Assets! This amazing tool enables simple creation and management of digital assets. Keep track of all your posts no matter how many versions or platforms exist. With features like direct sharing on social media networks as well as emojis and remixing tools, there's something here everyone will find helpful. Plus it can even be used in the event that bans or disruptions occur so nothing holds you back from success. Empower yourself by using innovative system to unleash the creative potential within!
Multiple Brands and Multiple Social Media Management is Super Sweet with Agile Assets I have been using Agile Assets to create, manage and schedule contents on 3 brands across multiple social media platforms for over a month now. Agile Assets has been a darling and an awesome partner in making my work super easy and effective.

Bootstrapped till here.

We are extremely efficient and effective in our work style. Arrange a meeting to find out more how we do it and why this means we can get done even more.

Massive Potential for Growth.

We have only just begun. Agencies under pressure to deliver and keep up profit margins as well as international brand houses and enterprises need the solution rather sooner than later. Help us deliver.

Request more info to find out:

  •  the 10 valid reasons to consider this opportunity
  • how we got so far, why we are that efficient
  • about the exact deal we are offering
  • find out more about our assets
  • fill you in on the (exciting!) global mid to long term vision

*Due to the unfortunate development in scammy investment interest, please forgive us that we need to ask you for: Name, Address, Company, Linkedin Profile link. We’ll be happy to reciprocate. Also, our investment process will include a KYC process to ensure sustainable investment. 

We went live in June 2023.

Since then this is what we were able to set up:


Agencies and Solopreneurs

have tried / 100+ use it already now.



around the globe. And also: Across all continents.



Some of them small, some big, all of them workplace of amazing agile marketers.



Most use the tool in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese. We have had requests to build in Mandarin, RTL and Russian and will do so once we have investment (help us!)



Some manage one brand intensely, most manage a handful, others manage with ease 5-8 or more.

The Future is calling... (what's next)


What if... in this VUCA world, whenever you map out your social media content, it would give you wise hints and tips on what your audience cares about this week? That would be amazing, right? Yeah, we agree and put it on the agenda.


In the end, content marketing is a numbers game. A certain number of evergreen posts around your main topics is needed to gain traction. So we will a) give you several micro assets / social media posts that you should aim for and b) give you insights and motivation for getting there.


We plan to create an app version that will enable you to add your social media ideas on the go, coming back and finishing them later. As well as adding labels and campaign ideas.

Ägile Ässets will be the best possible partner for global brand builders, creating a high-quality ecosystem from ideation till revenue. ​