New Super Sleek Post-Creation Process Released – “Ägile Summer Breeze” Edition Live now!

Dear Ägile Marketers,

this one here is big!

You will probably know by now that we are relentlessly trying to find the next tweak to make the Social Media marketing work process super agile and easy on everyone.

Not all functionalities are created equal

The most interesting thing lots of users are not aware of is that there are things

that LOOK and feel super fancy but,

in the background,

are actually not even that hard to conceptualize, create, code, done! (I won’t give away which those are, of course… )

And then again some other functionality might look sooo logically, straight on at first. So you decide you want to build them in – only to find them turn out to be little beasts.


So, let us just say that when we started to work on this one here, it started out as one of those super straight-on ones.

It was the end of April, we were in an “up and going spring mood”,

and now it is the beginning of June.


it is all worth it.

As you’ll soon see.

So, it all starts with the question

As you know,

this is how the post-creation process looked before:

Already pretty good, yeah, but then again:

  • Why would we have a different process for the ‘shooting’ of a post, why can’t I create AND directly publish (feeling agile AND decisive today ;))
  • It overall felt a bit clunky (a classic that happens when you add features over time)
  • It showed too many things simultaneously, especially if you did not even use the hashtags, labels, or beloved Mägic Ed at that moment. Showing all of it was even a bit like saying, “Hey, this is what we all got for you! See that? Cool, isn’t it?” It might have been the pride of new parents vs. their baby—forgive us!

Questions pointing towards these aspects were coming in, and as we also use Ägile Ässets for our own social media constantly, it became apparent that

this did not feel as light-footed as it could be.

We sat down and examined it closely to see how to simplify it to the essentials while maintaining the flexibility to get everything done in one place.

The new sleek post-creation process (we like to call it the “summer breeze” mode)

So, what happens now once it is live is the following:

  • wherever you are, choose the “create”/”use “plus” or the edit sign
  • see this window here:

  • start with a caption or a picture
  • then add/tweak to your liking

  • The respective functionalities will show up when needed – or not

  • and if you feel bold and very decisive today, “shoot” / publish directly 🙂

This principle applies to all the places from where you can access it.

What is also new:

You can even edit directly from the brand overview!

Also, the whole process to turn several pics into a carousel/slider has become much sleeker – it will only activate if you choose the option:

(It makes itself available as soon as you upload more than one picture; otherwise, it stays hidden and keeps everything clean.)

So, in overview, it is basically structured like this:

  • Left area: add a picture / turn into a carousel/slider + bulk upload prepared posts (for example, a whole campaign with captions or captions + pictures)
  • Middle area: Fanciness and be organized – [star] = Mägic Ed (works like always), add hashtag, add label/tags
  • Right area: Shoot/publish now (if you activate that, the final button will change to “shoot now”)
  • Lower right: Always save vs. exit button

Also, check out the video tutorial on how the New Super Sleek Post Creation Process works now:

Let us review the before and after:

  • several steps less in any given posting process
  • see and have available what you need
  • other than that, enjoy a clutter-free creation process
  • be even more agile in setting up and publishing posts
  • or be as efficient with Mägic Ed and Bulk Creatin as always

Clutter-free, even more agile, more fun…

Even though at some point we doubted our ambition 😅 and the time invest it took (to be fair enough, this was also induced by some other priorities that came up), now that it is done

I would say

the timing is just right;

it is as it was supposed to be

it is just the moment to add

the sense of a light summer breeze here.

Sense of a light summer breeze here


That is also why we like to call this release

“Ägile Summer Breeze”

(ok, yeah, I knoooow, I’ll give it a number, too, but hey, let’s keep it fun and sexy, shall we?)

Ok, so the OFFICIAL release name shall be:

“24.06.12 | Ägile Summer Breeze 🌅✨”

Can you feel it already?

If not, make sure to head over to your Ägile Ässets,

and first of all, please be sure to refresh your browser.

Try it out and let us know what you think via mail or below in the comments.

Also, if you have any questions or ideas, let us know and if anything should not work well, feel free to leave a bug info.

We’re super excited about this major tweak, especially as we’re about to release the all-new super pro agency package. If you’re interested in that, drop us an email to indicate your interest!

By the way, we’re sooo excited that we have created the matching

“Ägile Summer Breeze Playlist | on Spotify” 🌅✨

please find it here!

Speaking of summer breeze…

Did I mention I’ll be flying over to THE major meetup of marketing people globally, the one and only Cannes, on Monday morning?

I have access passes to all major Social Media players’ venues, such as LinkedIn, Meta, Pinterest, you name it! And I’ll make sure I get back with a whole list of great insights about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s fake, and what might not be obvious but worth a closer look.

Let us have another great creative soul have the last word here for today, shall we?

I want this to go down like a tray of champagne cocktails. – Elizabeth Gilbert

This is basically my intention for this new, sleek, even more agile post-creation and publishing process, and we very much hope it will do that job well for you.

Maybe this can inspire the mood of your next summer campaign?

If so, drop us a note and screenshot or tag us!

With that said:

Cheers to “Ägile Summer Breeze” – welcome to the universe of agile marketing, and may it free up mental space for even greater creative ideas!

Summer Breezy Greetings from your Ägile Ässets Team!

*dev* aka Mahmud will head for a well-deserved holiday now *grin* to be fresh for the agency beta release on July 2nd. Stay tuned – and ägile, of course! 🤹♀

Feel inspired, want to share on your Socials?

Feel free to do so, enjoy and please tag us:

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